Where can I share and discover new scripts?

Hello all

I have developed a simple Python script to convert configuration INI files (used in Elekta iView) to CVS.

I assume this would be somewhat useful to others and I am sure there are other physicists developing similar scripts frequently.

It doesn’t use or contribute to PyMedPhys, so where can I share it with the community?

On a related note, I have worked extensively with Varian products but have recently moved to an all Elekta department. I can’t seem to find an Elekta scripting community (that exists with Varian). Have I missed something?


Hi @DavidJolly :blush:,

Welcome to the PyMedPhys community :slight_smile:

We have a whole section in PyMedPhys just for sharing little helper scripts that different people have made. It might be worth changing its name to make it clearer, but feel free to put your scripts in a directory named either after yourself or your centre over here:

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