How do I Install a pymedphys "subset" as a library in another project that is using poetry

Installing subsets of pymedphys (e.g. [user] or [dicom]) is explained when using pip.
But if my installation uses poetry and pyproject.toml, how do I specify this in the pyproject.toml ?
I looked at the documentation for poetry, but I still don’t understand how to accomplish this.

Sigh… never mind.
The instructions for using poetry add provided the means for finding the answer:
when I used
$ poetry add pymedphys[dicom]@latest
it added the following to my pyproject.toml

pymedphys = {extras = [“dicom”], version = “^0.39.3”}

Hi Stuart,

When defining it as a dependency you need to also include the “extras” parameter. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll pull up an example on Monday