Complexity index vmat

Hi, I’m looking to calculate segment area and total beam area from a DicomRT VMAT plan. could someone help me?

Hi Ismail,

I’m sure someone here would be able to help. As a first pass, what have you tried? What do you already know on the topic? What data formats are you looking to utilise?


HI Simon, Thank you for reply. I’m following this code: victorgabr/ApertureComplexity - githubhot. I’m just a beginner in python so I cannot get the desired results. I’m using DicomRT data exported from Monaco TPS. I wish also to understand that format so to know how to extract other information.

Hi @Ismail_ZERGOUG,

I suspect the best place to get help would be to post an issue on that GitHub :slight_smile: at the following link:

Ok I’ll do it. Thank you @SimonBiggs

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