Create RTPlan from logfile for dose calculation

the document says “a MetersetMap can be calculated, or they can be mapped to a DICOM file for the recalculation of dose.” Are there any functions to acutally create a RTPlan from logfile MetersetMap, so it can be loaded back into TPS for dose calculation? Any suggestions of possible tools are welcome.

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You might want to try the GUI
And there is test code that reads from a log file and converts to DICOM in conjunction with the original plan that was used for the treatment.

I have some sample data that I need to test where i am trying to accomplish a similar task.

I don’t think the exported. Plan would necessarily imoort for recalculation at this point

Out of interest @sjswerdloff, one of the most recent removals took out the GUI due to how hard it was to maintain streamlit capability. Do you think it would be worth bringing that back?

Thank you very much!

I am very confused how the metersetmap is calculated. Why the time steps are involved? Can you provide any references/background for “metersetmap”?

I think having a working example would be sufficient.
There is an examples directory. Jupyter notebook style seems common there, but even a stripped down command line example would do.

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The trf or log file consists of data taken at approximately 40 msec intervals.
Consider MLC motion. If the MLC is moving in a sliding window delivery, one would want to have samples taken quickly enough to capture the motion in a way that accurately represented the motion and the relevant values at those times. I would expect that the sampling rate in the log file is fast enough to capture the delivery information accurately (i.e. nothing happens much faster than within 40 msec).

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Dear sjswerdloff,
Does the current discussion include VMAT delivery cases ?