Why can't I access any of the documentation of PyMedPhys

When I go to click into any of the categories of documentation on the PyMedPhys website I get this error (see screenshot). Anybody know what’s happening?

@Matthew-Jennings, did you want to take this one?

Hi there, @Dion.Conlon!

Are you referring to the links under the Documentation section of the PyMedPhys docs landing page (screenshot below)?

If so, apologies for this. This should be fixed very soon - there is a very nearly completed pull request on Github awaiting final approval that fixes those links.

In the meantime, I’d recommend that you use the left sidebar to navigate through the documentation. It better represents the structure of the PyMedPhys docs.

Hi Matthew,

Yes I am referring to those links. But thank you for your response, it is much appreciated.

Hi Dion,

If I taught you how to fix up redirects, might you be interested in giving us a hand in fixing the redirect component of this?

I could jump on a video call, show you how a couple a done, and then leave the rest with you?


Hi Simon,

Apologies for the late response, I wouldn’t be too interested in fixing redirects but thanks a lot for the offer to help.

I am sure I will be in contact with you at some point with a PyMedPhys query.