PyMedPhys interface with RayStation TPS


i’m interest to use PyMedPhys for ELEKTA log file and RayStation TPS. It seems the interface is with Monaco. How I should use that With RayStation TPS?

Thank you

The MLC position data from .CSV (converted from .trf to .csv ) file is not matching with them in a DICOM file. I want to fill DicomRT VMAT plan(from RayStation TPS) by ELEKTA logfile data for the same patient. But it seems they are different and I’m confused how I should do that.

Hi @z_ahmadi263,

As a first step have you had a look at the GUI by running pymedphys gui this should enable you to compare DICOM files and TRF files to each other using an MU Density comparison.

Of note though, the TRF files themselves only report what the Linac already knows, so any readout error of leaf position by the linac will not be included.