Setting up OpenSSH on Windows 10

If you want to be able to run git clone with SSH, instead of having to type a password every time you can either use git’s ssh manager, but this will not work within your standard command prompt or within other tools such as VSCode.

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I’ve struggled to use SSH, which I think is due to strict firewall rules at my clinic. I haven’t found a way to overcome this yet and have instead relied upon HTTPS.

Just a note that wincred enables you to clone/push/pull using HTTPS without continually having to type in credentials (Caching your GitHub credentials in Git - GitHub Docs)

I can’t comment on the relative safety of this solution though…

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wincred sounds like a great recommendation. Potentially even what we should be recommending. At the end of the day, people who want to go the SSH route can work it out, but, no need to make it a barrier to entry…