Pymedphys' urls.json record

Hi there,
I’m trying to use the gamma from dicom demo but get the following error when i put my own files in the paths versus the demo, thoughts?

ValueError: The file provided isn’t within pymedphys’ urls.json record.


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Hi @andronikimitrou,

Thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile: and welcome to the PyMedPhys community :slight_smile:

@Matthew-Jennings, might you be able to help out @andronikimitrou?


Hi @andronikimitrou,

Could you please attach your code, or even better, if it’s complex, create and attach a minimal, reproducible example?

Somewhere along the line, even though you’re trying to use your own files, get_url() is being called. I believe get_url() should only be called if you intend to download and use one of the files listed here.

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Thanks all! What worked is getting rid of pymedphys.data_path instances


Thanks @Matthew-Jennings for handling this :slight_smile: