Potential for a regular Gather town meetup

Hi All,

I am looking to create a regular meetup utilising https://gather.town. My thoughts are to run two each week, with the timing of the meeting designed so that no-matter your timezone, at least one of them will be during your waking hours.

The meet-up would run for an hour, and the rough schedule would be for the first 10-15 mins everyone has a ~30 s opportunity to discuss what they’re working on. The next 10-15 min we provide opportunity for people to flag something they need help with, and potentially someone else in the room might be able to help. And then the last 30 mins we use the strength of the Gather Town platform to break off into our own smaller groups / one-on-one chats to let people discuss deeper.

This is an initial testing of the water to see what timezones people would appreciate that I account for, and what times in those timezones that they’d potentially be able to attend.


Frankly, extra meetings (given that I work in industry, and I have more than enough meetings given I’m not in management…) don’t excite me.

I’m in NZ timezone (UTC + 12), so if there was a meeting I wanted to attend, it would help me if it was between 10am and 10pm NZ (8am to 8pm Sydney/Australia Eastern).

I would prefer to have a “one off” (with a second timezone for global coverage) “Townhall” meeting to identify the level of interest and participation in future meetings (and perhaps development either as feature requests or volunteering to implement), and could include the contents of the meetup as you describe.

It’s not clear to me if this is intended strictly for contributors or for all stakeholders (users).
The first half of this sounds like the equivalent of a daily Standup (per Agile), which is focused on contributors (of whatever kind).

I will make an effort to attend the first of these.

Hi @sjswerdloff :slight_smile:,

I’m actually targetting it primarily at users. The goal is more to have a touch point for people to meet and help each other across the medical physics in-house software development space. Please don’t feel any obligation at all to come.

I am fully expecting to have a few with no attendance, but open to give it a shot to build up collaboration. Of course if it runs for a month or two with little to no interest I’ll pull the plug.

I will definitely try to attend the first.

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I’d be interested and will attend if able!

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