Learning Python in Prep for Grad school

Any recommended resources for learning python, data structures? Or just projects on MedPhys?
I’m proficient in c++ but I’ve noticed python is used extensively in the field.

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Hi @Giovanni_Delmas :slight_smile:,

Welcome to the PyMedPhys community :slight_smile:. Is there a particular project type you’d like to try out? I can use that to then point you in the right direction. I find that it is always far easier to learn a programming language when you are actually trying to build something.

Hey @SimonBiggs
I don’t have a particular one in mind - But I have used matlab to work with dicom images in order to create a semi automated ACR measurements. Anything beginner friendly but still challenging I’ll welcome.

Hi @Giovanni_Delmas,

@nlambrilCH is looking to write up some tutorials to help newcomers find their feet. Potentially you might be interested in being a “test run” participant? Going through their tutorials and giving feedback / suggestions. Highlighting places that were difficult etc?

What are your thoughts?

I would be interested. I’ll see what it has to offer

Here’s the first draft of the tutorial:

It is being worked on within the following pull request over on GitHub:

Likely worth making an account over there and discussing further.

Cheers :slight_smile:,

Hi @Giovanni_Delmas,

Just wanting to let you know that @nlambriICH’s tutorial is now live: