iCOM listener protocol able to cause the sequencer to lose connection to the Linac

hi ,everyone
i need to find NSS ip.
how can i find which ip belong the NSS , easily? or what NSS look like ? can you give me a picture

all right i find it

Be aware that the NSS has two IP addresses. One is the IP on the internal network of the Linac, the other is the IP address on the hospital network. You might know this instead as the “Linac IP address”. Essentially, when using the iCom listener, it is that “Linac IP address” that you want. It is the “hospital side” IP address of the NSS. Think of the NSS as the firewall between your hospital network and your Linac’s private network. I believe all communication to the Linac from the hospital network goes via the NSS.

Therefore, essentially, when you are using the “Hospital network NSS IP”, it is for all intensive purposes the “Linac IP”.

THE small hospital didn’t install NSS , MUST be use NTR network 。

Are you saying you don’t have an NSS? That picture you posted above, I can see that number 3 on the lights at the top says “NSS”. Maybe to help, can you detail what you’re trying to do, and what you want to achieve?

Also, you said NTR? Did you mean NRT? (Non-real time)

The pic is my friend in other hospital take pictures for me, in this small hospital didn’t hava NSS , and NTR network mean NRT。 in the NRT do icom listening will case didn’t connect mosaiq and must be reboot treatment machine it wil be good .
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Hi @icetomato,

I have never tried without an NSS. But I don’t see why it would be any different. You could potentially have a look at your user manuals and see if iCOM is supported when you don’t have an NSS.

Given the NSS just forwards the signal through I would be surprised if it didn’t. If I understand things correctly the NSS is effectively just the “router” or the “firewall”.