How to cite pyMedPhys repository?

Hi Simon,

I am currently using the pymedphys.gamma index algorithm implemented in your project for independent validations. How can I properly cite/give credit to your repository and your gamma implementation?

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Hi @cedricbelanger,

Thanks for jumping on the PyMedPhys discourse group :slightly_smiling_face:.

Here are examples of how others have cited PyMedPhys:,5

Because there isn’t a “PyMedPhys” paper it is quite a hodge-podge of approaches. It is high-time that a PyMedPhys paper was produced.

For now, with reproducibility as the aim, I would recommend that the reference takes the user to the PyPI release page explicitly pinned to the version that you utilised, ie

For others reading this, I’ll see if I can get a paper out though, together with the other PyMedPhys maintainers and contributors and that should help answer this question in the future. I’ll make sure to update this discussion, and also put a citation recommendation in the docs.

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Hi Simon,
Just following on this previous discussion, as I am looking for ways of citing the PyMedPhys gamma that I have been using, I saw someone cited like this

“Biggs S, Jennings M, King P, Sobolewski M, McAloney J, Martinez P PyMedPhys. Medical Physics Software. [Last updated on 2019 Jun 06; Last accessed on 2019 May 13]. Available from:”.

Just wondering where can I get information of “last updated” and “last accessed”? That one was from a 2020 paper so I’m sure the dates are changed now.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Nancy,

Any update to the docs is tracked over at:

You’ll notice the last update there has been recorded as “5 days ago”

More importantly though I’d argue is that you manage to include within your reference which version you used, at the moment the latest version is 0.37.1:

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