Host a Dummy MosaiqDB on Heroku (or similar cloud service)

What are other’s thoughts regarding this? At the end of the day, we want the demo Streamlit apps on to be able to work with a dummy Mosaiq DB. I don’t think there is a way to be able to host a database on the Streamlit sharing server…

So the options I see are this:

  • Make the dummy Mosaiq database be an sqlite file and have logic within PyMedPhys to fall back to sqlite
    • I don’t like this option as for automated testing on that dummy data it is further away from reality
  • Move the app over to Heroku and host an MS-SQL database on Heroku exposed only to localhost
  • Keep app on Streamlit sharing and have it connect to the MS-SQL via public IP to a database hosted on Heroku (or similar)

Any other ideas/suggestions/thoughts?


Don’t have a whole lot to contribute here, just want to say I like the second idea, I think it could be faster to get implemented. And I definitely agree that there is a big need for this mock DB!