Head of developer relations?

Streamlit has someone designated to run their discourse group (https://discuss.streamlit.io/u/randyzwitch/summary). Potentially there is significant value in reaching out to find someone who might be interested in taking this on?

Is there value in having someone be head of developer relations? Maybe the title could be Community Engagement Officer (CEO :wink:).

Are you reading this and you would be interested in taking on this role? Even if you only have a small level of experience on the software development side of things this would be an amazing way to build into the future of PyMedPhys. The ideal candidate would be someone who has a track record growing, facilitating and managing volunteer organisations/groups. Also, you’d need to have a passion to see transparent and peer reviewed software superseed the siloed & wheel-reinventing in-house alternative within our community. :slight_smile:

What do you expect to be the day-to-day or week-to-week responsibilities?

I used to be a site coordinator at a volunteer science outreach organization during my grad school years…

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That’s awesome @mchamberland :smiley:,

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I wanted to find a moment to be able to respond properly.

My hope for this discourse community is that it won’t just be a support forum, but instead a place for people to discuss what they’re working on, brainstorm new ideas, seed collaborations, organise meet ups (virtual or physical) and maybe even one day a place where a workshop, or conference (virtual or physical) might be able to be organised.

Discourse has a post giving ideas on how to bootstrap a thriving community, some of the ideas over there would be a great place to start:

At the moment almost nothing has been set up within this Discourse group. It is essentially a blank slate. My thoughts for who ever would take on this community management role is that this group would become their’s to manage, facilitate, and build into a flourishing community.

For an example of another Discourse group that has a community around it, see http://discuss.streamlit.io/. Over there they have two people who are assigned to managing and facilitating the discourse community, from the links below you can see the sort of activity level they have within the forum to help make newcomers feel welcome and in general facilitate the activity of the community:

Streamlit has 12 000 stars on GitHub though (GitHub - streamlit/streamlit: Streamlit — The fastest way to build data apps in Python), and PyMedPhys has 100 stars, so maybe two orders of magnitude less community size and therefore time within the week might (?) be expected.

After I have given a bit more detail to it, is that something you might be interested in?

Cheers :beer:,

PS: I had a big smile when I saw you enquire, I think this would be a perfect avenue of involvement for yourself, should you choose to accept it :slightly_smiling_face:. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.

@SimonBiggs Definitely interested! I need to constantly re-orient myself with pymedphys since I go so long without using (as other clinical duties and projects take over my life!). This would be a great excuse to just stay on top of it all the time. :wink:

I don’t know that I should officially be given a position or title yet, but we can discuss and maybe I can start small.

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What do you think about being given a range of privileges here on this forum and potentially just having a bit of a search through the settings to get a bit of a handle on the Discourse software?

Sounds good to me!

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Done :rocket: :slightly_smiling_face:

Head on over to https://pymedphys.discourse.group/admin to begin seeing the inside of Discourse :slightly_smiling_face: