Gamma between 3D ref and 2D evaluation

Hello and thank you for your high-quality work!

I would like to simulate a patient specific qa (PSQA) as it is done in radiotherapy.
To do so, I would like to compare a 3D reference dose (from a dicom RT DOSE) to a 2D evaluation dose Normaly, the 2D distribution goes from a 2D array detector. For me, it’s just a chosen plane from a 3D distribution.

I want to keep my 3 dimensions evaluation distribution because I would like the gamma to be calculated around the chosen slice and not only 2D/2D.

Is there an easy way to do it?

Thanks in advance!



I tried to find a solution but the result is not what I expected.

My first idea was: As I can compare two distributions of different sizes, maybe I can try to reduce the size of the evaluation distribution until it reaches the thickness of a single slice. Thus, the dimension of my new “hybrid” 3D distribution is (1,y,x) and the axis_evaluation is ([chosen_slice(mm)],[y],[ x ]).

My code can be found there. It creates a new dose_evaluation and a new dose_axis. (7.7 KB)

Everything seems more or less coherent :

My new dose_evaluation looks good

All the verification assertions pass


But the gamma calculation is extremely slow and some errors appear.

I hope that all these details will help to understand my initial request. I hope I didn’t miss something at the beginning.
Now I plan to try to use more than one slice.

Thanks in advance